The App that Doesn't Seem to Exist
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Looking for a iphone/ipod touch calendar/todo app with specific requirements. Does it exist?

Argh. Frustration with ical and how it currently works on the ipod touch. I am looking for an app that will:

1) sync wirelessly with both google calendar AND google tasks


2) sync wirelessly with ical AND ical tasks

Why oh why isn't there an app that does this? The best thing I've found is Calengoo, but I still can't get my Google tasks incorporated.

The app needs to be able to work offline (allow me to enter events and tasks or edit them), and sync when I am online again.

Anybody know of a solution? (And I don't want to use Mobile Me.)

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Oh yes, and the third option is a calendaring/todo app that has a desktop component, that can sync locally (without going through a third-party website, like Remember the Milk.)
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I haven't investigated this and don't own a Mac, but maybe you could use the Google Calendar & Tasks web apps on the iPhone, and then sync the Google services with iCal and iCal tasks on your desktop.
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(Oops...missed the online/offline bit.)
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Is there any particular reason you need to have the tasks component and the calendar component in a single app? There is a offline syncing app for Tasks called GeeTasks that might work if you can stand to have them separate.
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To the best of my knowledge, nothing syncs right now with Google Tasks. There is a mobile interface for Tasks, though, which isn't terrible, but doesn't help with your offline needs.

As for Remember the Milk, you can use offline synchronization with Google Gears on your desktop. I'm not a big fan of their site design, but it's sufficient for me, for what that's worth. But again, nothing for offline use on the iPhone. Sorry.
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Just a note: if you are interested in Google tasks as a separate app, GooTasks is FREE- you might want to try that before paying for an app.
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I should note that as of OS 3.0, Google Calendar syncs natively over the air via CalDAV.
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