Help me avoid stains on my new furniture, please?
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I recently bought a whole new house's worth of upholstered furniture--two couches and three chairs, all brand new, and which have varying fiber content. Help me figure out what I need to do to protect them from stains?

I've always heard Scotchgard is the way to go (as per this question, for example) which i'm willing to do, no prob. IF that's the best thing. What I'd like help with here is
1) deciding if Scotchgarding is, in fact, what i need to do.
2) If not, then please advise what other thing/product I can use.
3) If possible, I'd also like application tips, either generally or based on the different upholstery fabrics I have. Do I need to work it in to the fibers? I already know to do spot testing in case the dye bleeds.
4. Also, if you have a ballpark idea of how much Scotchgard I should buy. They come in cans of 10 oz, and in theory will do one chair each can.

The furniture:
Two chairs of the same design/upholstery. Here's the label that's on them, and here is a close up of the fabric.
One couch, chenille upholstery. Label, closeup.
One chair, textured upholstery. Label, closeup.
One couch, microfiber. No label I can find. Closeup of fabric.

For a better idea of furniture size, here's one room, and here's the other.

I have neither pets nor children. Just one clumsy adult and a couple of parties coming up.
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Scotchgard all the way.

Follow the directions on the can(s). Do not rub it in. Buy one can per chair, and one can per seat for the sofas, plus one extra can per sofa for the backs, etc.

I know this was a big purchase but you are over-thinking this living room suite of beans. BTW, in future, the store can usually do this for you when you order.
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If you just bought this furniture new, it might already have a Scotchgard or other coating. Check those labels carefully. (You know, the ones you'll go to a SuperMax prison for removing.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses so far.

It hasn't been Scotchgarded yet, nor was there the ability to do so at the store. I bought them new from a furniture outlet near High Point, NC, so it was low-frills shopping but high quality furniture.

Do you Scotchgard microfiber?
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Yes, you do. Any fabric, down to an including silk. You can Scotchgard your ties!
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When you Scotchguard things, it's a good idea to have LOTS of fresh air in the room or to do it outside if you can. Give the parts people regularly touch, like arm rests, a light second coat.
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Another recommendation for Scotchguard. I always thought we charged too much for it at the furniture store, but you can't argue with the results. The stuff is phenomenal.
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Response by poster: Couldn't do the microfiber because a blot test showed a bit of dye running. The rest seems to have gone well.
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