apple divices willfully ignoring each other!
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itunes refuses to see my ipod- again! I've got a 1st-gen ipod touch, a macbook, and the latest version of itunes- but the three won't play nice...

This happened to me a few weeks ago, I reset the ipod, completely deleted and reinstalled the latest version of itunes (including that all those tricky 'mobile device library' bits that are hard to find) and it synched. once. now itunes is ignoring my ipod again. can you help me fix it for good this time?
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Response by poster: I know this question gets asked all the time in many permutations, but this is driving me up the wall. please help?
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Just checking: Are you disconnecting the Pod safely?
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Get Songbird and install the iPod Device Support add-on. Enjoy.

I use it to manage my iPod as well as to easily, with no grief, add stuff to friends iPods.
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I had this, but only briefly once or twice. If the iPod wasn't recognised, I'd just yank the cable out, and try again. Failing that, I'd reboot and repeat.

I'm all fine now though, so my problem may not have been the same as yours, even though the symptoms are similar.
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Standard mac troubleshooting - have you tried creating a new user and tested the iPod connection?

Also, try restoring your iTouch to factory, I'd even go as far as putting it in DFU (recovery) mode and restoring a current firmware.
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If I have itunes open when I connect my ipod, it won't recognize it. iPod says it's connected but nothing shows up in iTunes. Once I close the re-open itunes, all is well. I've finally got in the habit of closing iTunes before I connect the iPod. Maybe not your issue, and certainly not a fix, but possibly a temporary solution.
-iBook G4
-6th Generation iPod
-not latest version of itunes
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Try simply connecting it to another USB port.
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My 1st gen iPod Touch often isn't recognized by iTunes when I connect it, but if I just unplug it and plug it in again, it all works fine. Shrug.
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remove any CDs from drives.
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