Resettling in New Delhi
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American woman moving to New Delhi. Tips and advice on housing requested!

I'm a female grad student moving to New Delhi in mid-September for nine-ish months to do research. On the off-chance that the communal wisdom of Metafilter can help me, I'm asking for advice on how to find an apartment and which neighborhoods you recommend.

Details: My work is divided between south Delhi (GK1, South Ex, etc) and Gurgaon. Since transport within Gurgaon is relatively difficult for those who don't have a car and driver constantly on call (a luxury that my research stipend, while generous, doesn't quite encompass), I think an apartment in south Delhi would suit me better. (Plus, the university I'm affiliated with is actually north of Connaught Place!) That way, I can hire a car only on those days when I need to be in Gurgaon.

A friend suggested neighborhoods in south Delhi that I already know, and which put me in close-ish proximity to the Gurgaon route (Hauz Khaz, Green Park, Safdarjung Enclave). I posted on an expat listserv, but I'm not having much luck finding places in those areas. I guess I could go with a realtor, but man, they are expensive, and the rent they're suggesting to me is much higher than what folks in Delhi think I should be paying (25-30,000 rupees at the lowest for a flatshare).

Does anyone here have any advice on how to find flatshares or apartments in south Delhi?

Secondly -- I used to know Delhi pretty well, but I haven't been back since 2005, so any other tips are welcome, too. I'm thinking particularly of the stuff I wasn't interested in before. I like to cook for myself these days, so if you know of a good supermarket (I hear they're now increasingly ubiquitous!) and a good gym where a single gal could work out in comfort without bankrupting herself, that would be great too. (Gold's, I hear, is very chic and well-maintained, but also abominably pricey.)

Throwaway email for good measure:
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I don't know Delhi too well as I lived most of my life in Bombay. I would be glad to answer any other non-Delhi related questions you might have. This is something I had posted a while back but as you've lived in India before, you probably already know most of it. Good luck!
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I am experiencing UK/Delhi related issues so here are some tips. Sugar and Spice /Le MArche and Modern Bazaar in Vasant Vihar (near Priya Cinema) are very good super markets where you can find almost anything you may want (Indian or otherwise, things like cream cheese and crackers and pasta etc).

Accomodation wont be easy until you get there and make friends due to many complications such as people reluctant to let out flats to single females and also inflating price for foreigners. I was able to strike a good deal with a guest house for a short period when I had to be there still with no accomodation.
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