Float not working in Nextgen Gallery for Wordpress
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I feel like this is a waste of a question, but I can't find an answer. The "float" function in my nextgen gallery isn't working. Rather, it is working, but the text isn't wrapping around it. See the post here. Anyone encountered this problem before? I've checked a bunch of wordpress forums, and all I can find is this post, in which Alex Rabe says it was answered elsewhere, but it seems it wasn't. I've set all the permissions of my nextgen gallery folders to read and write... any ideas? the code I'm using is [singlepic id=320 w=200 h= float=right]
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Presumably you have a value after your h= parameter, and just had a typo in your example here. Also, I don't know nextgen, but in regular ol' HTML you use align=right rather than float=right. Just my $.02.
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Best answer: Could it be the missing height? Or is that just a typo in your shortcode?

That, and it seems you can format the shortcode like this too:


(that assumes a width of 300, so change as appropriate.)
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Sorry, that should read "assumes a HEIGHT of 300".
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Response by poster: actually, the plugin just produces the code with or without the height or width parameters, depending on whether you set them specifically. So without setting it, the code looks like
[singlepic id=320 w= h= float=]

But still, backwards guitar, you are a beautiful, beautiful person. That worked. I'm not sure why, but it did. Thanks!
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