How do I select what I toggle to in OS X's pop-up windows?
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Mac OS X Filter: In Finder, when a pop-up menu shows up, say to empty the trash or cancel, I toggle through the buttons/options by pressing tab, but how do I actually select what I toggled to with a keyboard shortcut? '
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Spacebar, I think?
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command o
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Sorry, jumped the gun without reading properly.
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To clarify:

Spacebar will select whichever button has the blue outline around it.

Return will select whichever button is entirely blue (the default button).

CMD-. (command-period) is Cancel.
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Escape is almost always cancel, too.
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(Sound of slapping head)…man, I've been using Macs for over twenty years and never knew about the spacebar thing. Thanks for asking this, and thanks, everyone, for the answers.
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