RAR Joining for the Mac?
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What Mac OS X application (or command-line utility) will join RAR files that come in the form filename.r01, filename.r02, etc.?

My understanding is that the method is a pretty old way of dealing with RAR archives nowadays, but there's still got to be some way to do it.
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I'm pretty sure StuffIt will do it, provided you open the one file that's got the .rar extension.
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Stuff It will
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fuck Stuffit, seconding UnRarX
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thirding UnRarX
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I like MacPar deLuxe, which does both RAR and PAR files. And it's shareware/donationware.
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to unrar... yeah StuffIt works, but slow and odd progress indicator. unrar from shell is faster. UnRarX even nicer.

and a few million other tools :)
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Hmmm...re-reading your question, I now see that you are specifically asking about the .r01, .r02, etc. file names. Not sure if MacPar deLuxe supports those...
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Last mention, UnRarX. No contest.
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"The Unarchiver" is what I use for pretty much everything. It even handles zips better than the Finder (it can delete the orginal zip file after unarchiving). It does RARs fine.
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The Unarchiver.

"Supported file formats include Zip, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, Rar, 7-zip, LhA, StuffIt and many other more or less obscure formats."
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(And just dbl click on the .rar and it joins everything up properly from the .r01 etc.)
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Split & Concat!
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Use UnRarX.
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UnRarX. And if none of the files have a .rar extension, just drop the lowest numbered one on the application icon.
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DO NOT use Split & Concat for .rxx files! It's a multi-part RAR archive, NOT a split file!
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RAR expander is IMHO way better than UnrarX.
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First of all you don't need to manually "join" r01, r02, r03 files.

They are only created by RAR when you specify the option "Split to Volumes, bytes".

All you need to do is open/uncompress the .RAR file and the rest of the files will be uncompressed automatically.

BTW, newer versions of RAR split files into


Same deal with these, just extract the first file and RAR will find the rest.

Also 2nding The Unarchiver for OS X.
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Also FYI, make sure to extract from the 1st file. You may miss some files if you don't.
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I'm thirding the unarchiver. I've tried stuffit as well, but the unarchiver is open source (and therefore free), and it also seemed to be faster than stuffit.
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Fourthing The Unarchiver. It handles everything and means I don't have to use bloody StuffIt Expander.
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Unarchiver doesn't handle .par files, which it renders it nearly useless for .rar files. I heartily recommend UnRarX, which, if you select the lowest-numbered (and usually smallest-sized) .par file, will first validate all files, repair them if necessary, then reconstitute the file in question from the .rar files.
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