Are there any Fort Wayne taxis that don't suck?
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So are there any taxi companies in Fort Wayne, IN, that don't suck?

Moved to town at the beginning of August. Hoping to get my drink on this weekend. I just moved from South Bend, IN, where it was almost impossible to get a cab inside 60 minutes, but I'm hoping that things are at least slightly better here.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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Small towns and cities (such as South Bend, Fort Wayne, Muncie, etc.) simply do not have the sort of population that can adequately support a cab system. Heck, even cabs in Indianapolis are hit-and-miss unless you are going between the airport and a hotel.
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Response by poster: I've lived in several small towns, and yes, I recognize that there isn't going to be a real taxi system there.

But in most of the places I've lived, there were usually one or two companies or drivers who were at least decently reliable. I'd be happy with that, to be honest.
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Best answer: The key to finding a decent cab company may be finding a decent bar. They will have a sincere interest in getting you home in one piece, and in having you back as a good customer. Get to know the bartenders, tip well, and don't be an ass. When it's time, they'll call you a cab. As a bonus, you may get a ride home from wine-sipping lady that you impress.

In my experience, there are two criteria that go a long way toward identifying a decent, grown-up bar: no plants, and no blender.
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