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Where in Toronto should I go to get awesome dreadlocks?

I've decided to get dreadlocks, for practical reasons - we're heading out on a 9+-month long-distance (living in a van) road trip which will hopefully end with the purchase of a sea-faring sailboat on which to live. I can't foresee any way to enjoy this adventure and keep my natural curly, thick, brown, breastbone-length hair from matting all on its own and turning into one big mess.

I'm going to be in Toronto for a few days early next week and would like to know where I can go for some help getting things started. I want someone who will lock (not braid), preferably back combing with little product (and any products used should be natural butters or waxes). Even better if I can find the place I'm looking for and get it done with a $200 budget. I've googled but haven't come across any really shining reviews....
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Knotty Boy recommends:

Earth and Fire
202 - 489 Queen St W
Second Floor
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(Telephone: 416 203 4138)
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Oh and btw, dreads aren't exactly what I'd call 'practical', but you might find they work well with your hair if you're prone to matting. I honestly put more work into my hair in the year I had dreads (they took a while to really lock up), than I have in the years before and since. Something to consider. Maybe call up and ask the salon what they think of your situation and decide from there.

*done now*, sorry for the triple post.
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House of Lords
639 Yonge (a few blocks south of Bloor)
(416) 962-1111

I don't know that they'll meet your criteria, nor do I know dreads, but they do them.

I'd be surprised if there was no place in Kensington Market that did dreads, but I'm not familiar with many of the stores here.
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Oh... I heartily recommend Neko - I've been wearing a full head of her double-ended synthdreads all summer and lurve them soo much! She's wonderful, does both natural and synthdreads ... and will be out of town next week... but in case your plans change or you're back in Toronto someday... She's definitely my pick for dreads in Toronto!
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Yea, I was going to say Neko too, but apparently she's out of town.

my be-dreaded friend suggested knotjustdreads
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