Can you recommend any kids' shows featuring real children?
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Can you recommend any kids' shows featuring real children? I'm looking for something appropriate for a preschooler. A minimum of franticness would be nice.
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I really like Little Travelers. It follows a real family with very young children as they travel to different places in the world. You watch the kids meet other kids, try food, and participate in cultural activities. It's gently paced, interesting, and it's only agenda seems to be to experience the world. It's meant for an audience of pre-schoolers and young school-aged and their families. It's quite lovely and real and my son finds the segments riveting while still talking to me about it as he watches something, often dancing along. It's produced by the family, who know what they're doing.
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Reading Rainbow comes to mind.
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Pancake Mountain: Order it on DVD if you don't live near DC. (Previously)
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Aren't there kids on Sesame Street?
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Cooking for Kids with Luis - a really likeable Australian kid who cooks omelettes while wearing a Spiderman suit.
This is Daniel Cook
This is Emily Yeung
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Although animated, my favorite non-frantic show for preschoolers was Little Bear. The voices are done by children and not adults, which for me was essential to sanity. My smart but sheltered children loved it.
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I was just about to mention all the shows that pseudostrabismus mentioned, along with a documentary that airs all the time on HBO Family called Kindergarten. It chronicles a year in the life of a Kindergarten class, focusing on the kids and their experiences. My daughter loved it when she was a preschooler (watching the "big kids" was fascinating for her), and I enjoyed it as well.
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Zoom! Real kids (I went to school with a kid who ended up on the show way back when), nothing too frantic. It's basically just some approachable kids doing simple activities (crafts, hand clapping games, little skits) on a soundstage.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for your suggestions. A couple look particularly like what I was looking for.
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