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Does anyone know of the best alternatives to a Tempurpedic matress? They are just too expensive for me to justify purchasing, but I love the way they feel. I have been researching memory foam mattresses, but it is very hard to filter out the hype and get real information. First hand accounts from the hivemind would be greatly appreciated.
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In general, memory foam is not a good material for a mattress. Over (not much) time, the indentations become permanent, the foam flattens out, the mattresses generate a lot of heat, and on and on. Not to mention, they are expensive. If you really like the memory foam feel, you should try latex. It is a breathable material that does not break down over time, and it also springs back almost instantly so you don't get stuck in mattress ruts while sleeping like you do with memory foam.

If you are really stuck on memory foam, I believe Sealy makes one that would be a better buy.
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I've slept on a Tempurpedic mattress in a guest room and really really did not like it. It just felt too hard to me. You really don't want to spend the money on something like this without sleeping on one, at least for one night. I do think a few hotels have them, for example.

Mr. gudrun felt the siren call of memory foam, but did not want to spend the money and settled for a memory foam mattress topper laid over a regular mattress, which he loves. He is still really happy with that decision, 2 years later, and the mattress topper is in pretty good condition, no dents and not flat yet, and way cheaper than the Tempurpedic mattress. (Note that he also did not find the Tempurpedic mattress particularly comfortable in that guest room either).
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Another vote for a memory foam mattress topper. I don't like the idea of an entire memory foam mattress, for the reasons suburbanrobot mentioned, and also when I've tried them out it felt like I was sinking into quicksand. I was able to buy a queen size mattress topper on sale when Linens 'n Things was going out of business. (Bed Bath & Beyond currently has a bunch on their web site for $300 or less.) My back used to hurt every morning when I woke up, and since I've been using this (probably close to a year now) my back hasn't hurt once in the morning.
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If you are at all a hot sleeper, avoid memory foam like the plague! When people say foam beds sleep hot, they're not kidding. Supposedly, latex mattresses don't have this problem. Eventually, I see myself going the latex route.
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I sleep on two memory foam toppers (from stacked on top of each other. I think they're 4 inches each. I've slept on this improvised mattress for two years, and it is awesome. I don't find it overly warm, but some folks do.

Buying two toppers and stacking em' is a cheap alternative to a buying a brand name memory foam mattress.
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I sleep on a medium~firm mattress topped with egg crate foam, which is a different animal than memory foam, and I do love it. I wouldn't want to sleep directly on the foam (of any kind) so I went to my thrift store and bought several used WOOL blankets for $3 apiece. I have 3 layers of wool between me and the egg crate, and as I said, I do love it. It's as comfortable as the $2500 European Sleep Works slat bed with a fabulous mattress I used to sleep on. It costs 1/3 what mem. foam costs. A win all the way round.
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I sleep on 3" of latex (bottom, firm), 3" more latex (middle, less firm) and 3" of memory foam (top). All bound together in a nice cover, this came to about $1200 (queen) 3 years ago. Prices seem to have risen a bit.

I don't find it too hot, but I live in a cool climate and YMMV. Nearly anyone will tell you that you only want memory foam on top- it generally comes 3" thick, and there are different levels of softness, defined by weight (i.e., "6 lb foam" is stiffer than "4 lb foam".) The same majority of informed folk will advise you to lay one or two stiffer layers of foam underneath it. Polyurethane foam is cheap, Latex is expensive (and a natural product, and quite long-lasting). These foams also come in a variety of softnesses.

Many of the brand name mattresses- not just T.pedic but Sealy and others chop the foam up and do complicated things to it (several layers, different foams near the edge, you name it) which may or may not improve its functioning but certainly provide a rationale for charging more. Sleep on beds before you buy, or at least insist on a money-back guarantee.
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FWIW I saw memory foam toppers in Costco (Canada) today for about $143.00, queen size. It came with a "skirt" that kept it attached to the mattress. They had double and king available too. Not sure about the prices of those sizes were though. I've never tried one so I can't say either way whether they're good or bad.
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I bought one off ebay a few years back, there are a couple of main suppliers - Mine was from the Foam Factory in Michigan, and I've heard positives from folks that went through the Smoky Mountain folks in Tennessee. Both are substantially cheaper than 'real' Tempurpedic.

And I have yet to see any indication of flattening or permanent indentations. What you want (as I've said in a couple of those other posts listed) is higher weight memory foam, with a different base foam, but definitely try it out. It takes a little getting used to.
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I've slept on Tempurpedic mattresses long term and LOVED them. When I was in the market for a new mattress, that sadly wasn't in the budget, so I bought this mattress from Overstocks. I know, I had some trepidation about buying a mattress I never tried online, but the reviews really sold me. I've been very happy with it & consider it one of my best purchases. In my opinion, Tempurpedic is still the best, but this was an affordable alternative that has worked quite well for me.
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I bought a "bed in a box" brand memory foam mattress last winter, and I really liked it at the time. Then I went travelling for a month and a half, and when I got home I *loved* it. I have chronic back pain and it helps me get to sleep much more easily than anything else I've ever slept on.
It was much cheaper than a tempurpedic, and from my brief experience trying some out in showrooms, it is also much more firm and [for me] more comfortable.

Also, Ikea has a latex mattress that seemed comfy in the store, and it is also cheaper than a tempurpedic,and latex seems to be the cool new thing.
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BED IN A BOX. I bought one over a year ago (10" Pacdown), and I can not even express how much I love it. I could write one million thousand words and still not feel like I was able to convey how much awesomeness this bed has.

They have a money back guarantee (minus shipping), but you will not want to ever return it.
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