Crime in Malpais?
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How worried should I be about crime in Malpais, Costa Rica?

I'm planning a trip to Costa Rica next month, with an week-long stay in Malpais, in a house near Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen.

I've heard reports that crime is an increasing problem in the area, to the extent that some people have recommended not going to Malpais at all. I've traveled a lot, in some pretty sketchy areas, I've been to Costa Rica and Nicoya before, but never this far south on the peninsula. And I'll be with a female friend who has traveled less.

Anyone have recent experience in the area? Are the concerns justified? Justified enough to not go (which would be painful and expensive at this point) or just to take more than the usual precautions? What would those precautions be? Is this more or less of a concern since it won't be high season?

And on a happier note, any general suggestions for travel around Malpais and the Nicoya peninsula? Sites to see, places to eat, beaches that shouldn't be missed? I know its going to be the rainy season which will make roads even more difficult than normal.

Pura vida...
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It's been a few years, but I can't imagine a crime problem in Malpais. I stayed at the Blue Jay Eco-Lodge, and as you can see from the photos the rooms do not even have walls (the walls are screens plus blinds) and I was never worried about crime, at all.

You will have a wonderful time.
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I was in Montezuma and Cabo Blanco and it didn't feel dangerous in the least. When I was in the area the warnings were about people breaking into cars or hotel rooms. Keep valuables out of sight and you should be fine.
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Just take the usual precautions--don't stumble around alone and drunk late at night with lots of cash on your person, keep your valuables locked up, etc. I was in CR this summer and visited Santa Teresa. I didn't hear of any crime there, only in the bigger cities like Jaco and 'Tamagringo.'
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I heard (from my girlfriend who is from there and her family who still live there) that the crime is the worst on the caribbean coast (north) side of the country. I have been to CR twice and never there, but never had any crime problems. But there will always be standard risks you want to avoid.
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