How should I brand my bankruptcy law firm?
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What is a good name for a law firm focusing on consumer debt relief, both bankruptcy and collection abuse?

I will be establishing a consumer debt relief law practice in the next 2-8 months and am in the beginning planning stages. I would like a unique, catchy name for my practice for both domain name and other marketing purposes. I would love to stay away from the Dewey, Cheatem and Howe, LLC or The Bankrutpcy Law Firm models. One idea I have seen is, which I love but is, quite clearly, taken.

My practice will concentrate on consumer bankruptcy and collection abuse. I will be located in St. Louis, MO, serving the St. Louis and southern Illinois area.

I figured the Hive-mind is more clever than I am and would love some suggestions. Thanks!
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Call it the Cardinal Law Firm or Provel Legal Associates or something like that--people in St. Louis love that stuff. Also, some of your potential clients might appreciate a name that doesn't have 'debt' or 'bankrupt' or words like that in it.
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The above paired with "Lawyer," "Debt Counseling," etc., per your preference.
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Consumer Protection Services
Debt Umbrella Services
Legal Debt Management
Rainy Day Legal Services
New Nest Egg
New Day Legal Services
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This may be deleted because it goes directly against your request for a "unique, catchy name" but honestly I would say, stay away from unique, catchy names.

It's probably unfair, but I do think lawyers with these clever firm names get less respect and possibly less business than those that follow the traditional naming model (like the Dewey Cheatham you cleverly cite above). Maybe times will change, but you have to balance your interest in being creative with the bottom line.
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