Need a domain name
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Need help choosing a domain name.

My mum conducts consumer product testing (of the home user trial variety) and we're setting up an online recruitment site. It needs a name. We're trying to come up with short memorable web address for the panelists but everything we've come up with is either too long or rubbish.

I know there are a few sites out there that claim to do similar things but most of them are really cheesy and just want you to sign up for market research surveys with the promise of getting free products to test (though I'm not convinced any of them actually do home user trials)

The kind of testing she does usually involves the volunteers being sent 2 similar products (eg. 2 shampoos) that are in plain packaging with a code on the front. After using them for about a week each they fill in a questionnaire about the products.

Once they're recruited they'll get an email any time they need to go to the site to check anything but we still feel for recruitment purposes we need a memorable url.

The only other company we know for sure that does this type of work used to be called cosmetics research online (they changed their name to something more generic now) Most of her work is in cosmetics (mostly hair and skin products) but its not limited to that, in the past she's done food, nappies, medicine (flavor not effectiveness) and purfume.
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I have not tested to see if any of these are available but i dont think that is what your question is. Here are a few suggestions: (probably taken) (probably taken)
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You could try NameThis. I tried it on a lark for something I was brainstorming on, and I thought the results were actually pretty good. I even ended up buying one of the domain name suggestions that came out of it.
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