UK Pension with Worldwide Index Funds
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UK Pension Filter: Is there a pension out there which will allow me to invest in the SSE Index, BSE Index and the Nasdaq/Dow Jones/S&P500 indexes?

I want to move my pension away from one which is based on a fund managed by a company which charges me over 1% a year.

I would like to have a pension with minimum fees (such as a SIPP) which allows me to move my pension across from my previous provider. I would then like to buy Index Funds such as the SSE, BSE and NASDAQ/Dow Jones/S&P500.

I do not intend to pay any more into the pension for the foreseeable future, so monthly paying in fees do not concern me at this time.

I have looked at the Hargreaves Lansdown Vantage SIPP but they only offer stocks from the UK or USA. Does anyone know of a UK based pension which allows purchase of worldwide stocks through a SIPP with low fees?

I would also like the pension to allow me to start withdrawing it from the age of 55 if at all possible.

Further information: The pension is currently worth approx £15k and no payments have been made into it in the past financial year.
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Do you have something against ETFs lilyflower? The Hargreaves & Landsdown SIPP lets you invest in a whole range of ETFs that track the indicies you're looking for.

Because ETFs are traded like shares, you'll find them in the 'shares' section of the H&L website rather than the 'funds' section.
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