Looking for kiddie music and music videos in French to use in school program...
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French teacher looking for new stuff for the coming school year! Music, music videos etc. suitable for K-3. It's my third year and I have used a lot of my good stuff already. Hit me with your best kiddie French stuff!

We do a music day every Friday which is the highlight of the week and which the kids greatly look forward to. I have been using Cds from Kidzup, Matt Maxwell and Charlotte Diamond. I teach a new song, we review previous ones, and then I close each music day with a video. At first, I was using clips of the musical numbers from Disney movies (in French) and the kids liked those. But they also have enjoyed some French ones with which they have no prior English experience. Some of the ones they have enjoyed have been (from YouTube) Pigloo and Bebe Lily. I am looking for more in this vein.


Simple French songs I can teach (must be simple or repetitive, some of the kids are in JK/SK) and must have MP3's available for purchase on-line

Fun, repetitive, kid-oriented music videos to end the class with. These do not have to be ones they know in English. Cartoons are nice (Pigloo, Bebe Lilly). If there is a French version of Miley Cyrus, that would be super. I can use YouTube (i.e. there is a computer available while I am teaching)

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Putumayo French Playground is wonderful. I really love Songs in French for Children, too - it's old fashioned and sweet sing-along music. I play both for my son, but enjoy listening to them too.
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Have you done "Tete epaules genoux et pieds" because that is really how I learned the body parts! Also "Alouette" of course.

Teach them the Marsaillesse. I learned in 6th grade and still remember all the words!
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DMKids is DailyMotion for kids, and it has a music section that you might be interested in...

http://www.momes.net is an old child-dedicated website, with a music section.

"Nursery ryhme" is "comptine" in French, maybe you could use that for a search. For instance, this site seems to have a complete selection of comptins, with lyrics and audio. Momes.net has it too.

As for "French version of Miley Cyrus", let's see... Maybe Priscilla, Lorie, early Alizée, Jordy, early Vanessa Paradis ?
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In karaoke I learned about Ilona Mitrecey, particularly Un Monde Parfait. Definitely repetitive, cute video, fun words. And REALLY CATCHY.

In my french classes, we listened to Jordy. I think everyone hated him, but we were 16, not 6.
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The two things I remember best from my multilingual younger years is Frere Jacque and the marvelous Alouette.

We had a dance for Alouette, with each kid (or several kids, depending on your class size) assigned a body part. We'd make paper costume for that body part, then one lucky kid got to be the (not so lucky) bird. When the body part came up in the song, the child assigned to it would go and take it off.

Vanessa Paradis is the only French 'star' that comes to mind, song-wise. It was years ago, but she was a young teen at the time, so some of her videos might work.
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