Anyone know any secrets to finding partial week rentals in VA Beach?
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Anyone have any tricks up their sleeve about finding a "partial week rental" in Virginia Beach over Labor Day weekend?

We are 8 women who are all running in the Virginia Beach rock n' roll half marathon on Sunday, Sept 6th (team "Chicks with Kicks"). We've been unable to find a house that will rent for less than a week and want to be able to cook and chill together in a house rather than a hotel before the run.

We were told months ago to check back at the end of the summer and maybe someone would rent for just the 3-day weekend if that week wasn't luck so far. (Not to mention, it seems most home contracts there have a clause about the group needing to be related in order to rent it - and we're not related except by team spirit). We've checked realty companies in the area, craigslist,, VRBO...

My travel planning OCD is being pushed to new heights and I'm starting to get a little worried about where we'll end up. Does anyone have any other ideas?


Desperately Seeking Sleeping Arrangements
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This summer's tourism picture is highly unusual, as people are making more last-minute plans - probably because they want to be sure they'll still have a job before making vacation plans. It's been happening across the industry. So even people who have vacancies are probably holding out for that last-minute Labor Day week rental.

I don't know about that area, but it's best to go through local real estate brokers in these situations rather than direct-rental websites. The brokers know who's desperate. Google up some real estate brokers in the area who handle vacation property rentals and talk to them in person.
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If you're willing to split up you could browse couchsurfing. Might even find someone willing to host all eight of you - but more likely to find accommodations if you'll split up into groups of 2 or 3. I know it's not exactly what you're looking for (a place where you can all be together) but staying with a host would (1) be free, (2) have a sense of community as opposed to a hotel, and (3) let you all meet locals who may be really impressed that you're running.
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Oops, the link was wrong. Should be this:
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