Looking for the name of an arcade game with an Indiana Jones look-a-like
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Looking for the name of an multi-player arcade game that featured an Indiana Jones-like character and a top down view.

I think this would have been in the 80s or possibly early 90s. The game had at least three playable characters, the aforementioned whip toting Indiana Jones type, a woman in a dress, and a guy in a suit with a knife (I think). I believe the first level was in a jungle with ruins, and I believe there were enemies that looked like Moai (Easter Island Heads), and I think you had to collect keys to unlock doors.

Since there have been multiple Indiana Jones video games, searching google hasn't turned up anything (yet), so I hope that Ask Metafilter can help!
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From your first sentence I thought for sure you were talking about Snake Pit, but then the rest of your description sounded like Jungle Hunt.
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Taking the bird's eye view into consideration, it sounds a lot like Dark Adventure, also called Devil World. If not, do you recall any other details?
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That's it iconomy! Thank you so much, I've been trying to recall the name of this game for years!
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Glad to help - I wasted many a quarter on this one myself.... !
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