What a strange movie...
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Weird movie memory filter: I feel like it was a Disney Channel movie. The premise was a 14ish year old girl wanting to be in a boy's band, so she ended up dressing like a boy and they let her in the band. She was also in an all girl band and it happened that they had to perform on the same day. Chaos ensues, and she is found out in the end... Any help is great.
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The first thing I thought of was She's the Man, but I think that's about soccer, not music. It's based on Twelfth Night, though, so maybe yours plays off those themes too?
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I read a book like this as a kid, but I can't remember what it was called. Man, now this is really going to bother me!
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Before I go to bed, here's Wikipedia's Cross-dressing in film and television article, if that helps jog your memory.
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The Challengers?
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This guy uploaded the whole movie to youtube. Here's the specific scene where she is found out.
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The quintessential '80s one I remember from my own childhood would be Just One of the Guys, but no bands entered that mix.
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There was a movie Disney showed a lot 5 or so years ago called Motocrossed, where a girl dresses as a guy to win extreme bike competitions. I realize that's probably not the movie you mean.

Lunasol--are you thinking of Hey, Didi Darling? I loved that book.
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Yes, I think you are thinking of The Challengers - I had forgotten it, but at the the time I was a big fan and watched it several times. The kids are closer to 10 - just young enough to be somewhat convincing cross-dressers, even if she did have long hair under a hat which never actually passes for short hair.
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Yes, that was it, leesh! Crazy. Now I have to hunt it down on Amazon.
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Shoot, and here I was hoping it was called Many Like It Cool.
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HAHA! Awesome! You guys are too good!

Thanks for the help!
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It was originally a CBC tv film, which did later air on the Disney Channel.
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