Recommendations for web based customer support service?
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Recommendations for web based customer support service?

Wonder if meta-folks have thoughts, suggestions, recommendations for web based customer support solutions?

Looking at:,,, others?

Ideal solution incorporates: forum/knowledgebase for user to user Q and A, Trouble tickets for for C to B questions/suggestions, and simple un-intrusive widget for use on all pages of a site/app. Initial solution is for a new site/service with initially limited but active feedback.

Thanks in advance.
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oh and btw - can I just say how sweet ask.metafilter is? Like a trusty uncle you can always go to for reasonable thoughtful advice.
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I use Web Help Desk. It works pretty well, and you can set up an SMTP forwarder on it so users can email issues to it in addition to logging into an intranet (or internet site if you want to NAT it) site. It's geared toward PC help desk support and developer tracking issues, but can be used for any general requests.
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One that my current employer just deployed is HelpStream, and looking at it briefly it seems to fit what you are looking for. Several years ago I helped a prior employer deploy RightNow Technologies, although it appears that now they have rolled it into a full-blown CRM suite.
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