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I need recommendations for a friendly, non-intimidating tattoo shop in Reno, NV. The kind of place you'd take your mother. Or, actually, the kind of place I could take *my* mother.

My 67-year-old mother has been threatening to get a tattoo for 5 years or more. A friend of hers of a similar age just got one, so I'm thinking the time is right to finally get her to commit. We'll be in Reno next weekend. Seems like the perfect time/place to make it happen. (Don't worry. She doesn't drink, so it wouldn't be like she'd wake up regretting what she'd done.)

Anyhow, I think she really wants to do it, but that she might back out if we ended up at a place that turned her off for some reason. It would need to be a clean, safe-feeling place, and I don't want to take her to a place where they'll be all tattoo snobby and look down their noses at her. Artistry isn't a huge consideration, given that she'd probably just get something like a heart or a rose or a butterfly. (I know, I know. But hey, she's 67 and she wants one. More fucking power to her.)

Any suggestions?
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How about trying Yelp Reno? The link shows reviews of several tattoo places.
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Yep, I've read the Yelp reviews, but I trust AskMe more. That's why I'm here!
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If you don't get good answers here, you might try calling the folks at Sacred Rose (Berkeley) or Black and Blue (SF) and asking if they have any recs, either for particular artists or for parlors/shops in Reno. A lot of these folks all know each other, and a lot of them travel to expos or just other cities for a few months here and there, so you might get some good info that way.
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no specific recommendations. but if you walk in somewhere and get a bad vibe, you can walk right back out. some shop folk are dicks to plain skins, but they're just weeding out the people who are looky-loos and not serious about getting a tattoo. a lot of people will get a kick out of someone your mom's age getting their first tattoo and give her a really great experience. have fun!
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My mother recently got a tattoo in Carson City (after ruling out many places in Reno and Sparks). She recommends avoiding anything on Wells Ave and Plum Ln. She visited many places and found those "creepy" or "too young and inexperienced."

After much research she finally settled on Distinct Ink. They were friendly, and it was the first artist she talked to who understood what she wanted and was able to design a tattoo she was happy with. She thinks it was Mark who did her tattoo.
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