What kinds of jobs can I get working at home online?
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What sorts of jobs can I get working online?

I may be laid off in a month or two, but I'm self-employeed (also working at home, so no unemployment coming my way) and I'd like to continue working at home. You may say 'look for a job in the field you're in', but it's kind of a quirky situation and I doubt there is much of anything else out there like it.

I can live on as little as $1200 a month as my rent is practically free. I'm not looking for get-rich-quick deals.

I'm currently teaching myself web programming but I doubt I'm good enough to find a job in that field right away. I just need something for about a year till I get good enough at it.
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I work at home, very part time while my kids are distracted. Paying jobs I've had over the past few years include writing books, writing book reviews, blogging, tech editing, fact checking, indexing, assorted editorial research projects, and selling stuff on eBay and Amazon.
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I've used textbroker.com. You write articles and get somewhere between .75 cents and 1.5 cents per word depending on how they rate you after you submit your audition piece.

I've also used getafreelancer.com and I had one job where I got paid 30$ to rewrite a webpage. That took maybe two to three hours.

Some people might mention mechanical turk (mturk.com). I wouldn't recommend it unless you really have nothing better to do.

It might be hard to make even 1200 a month working at home. Consider getting a part time job to help pay of the bills.

Feel free to memail me if you have any questions about the sites I mentioned.
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getafreelancer.com could use a system administrator to renew their SSL certs.
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Not sure what's wrong with getafreelancer...

If it's worth anything when I went to it from a google search I didn't get any warning.
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I work from home full time in software sales. I do most of my demos and sales calls via conference call and web meetings - often going weeks without leaving the house for business purposes.
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There's nothing actually wrong with getafreelancer. kylej simply erred in linking to the secure site (useless without a login) instead of the unsecure one.

The biggest legitimate source of paying work from home is probably dial-in call centers. There are a handful of companies that do this and previous AskMes concerning them specifically. Naturally, you don't need to be a tech support guru or anything because they give you scripts to follow. You do generally need a reasonably fast PC and a broadband connection.

Multi-level marketing schemes tend to appeal to work-at-home folks -- everything from Longaberger baskets to laundry balls. They all boil down to Amway in that the largest revenue streams are only possible if you recruit a bunch of people who themselves recruit a bunch of people (thereby giving you a cut). I can't personally recommend them but they're legal.
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(Looks like getafreelancer's https certificate expired between 12:22 and 12:43 Eastern today)
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