Mixtapes similar to The Hood internet mix?
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Anyone got any recommendations similar to The Hood Internet Mix Tape volume 3?

I downloaded this. It's free. I enjoyed it greatly. Anyone got any similar links.

I like the whole recent popular songs re-mixed well thing.
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Bootie. Their annual "Best of Bootie" mixes (scroll down) are free and exactly what you want, plus you can go dance to live mashup DJing at monthly parties around the world.

Yeah. Bootie.
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Ratatat's Mixtape Volume 2 is awesome.
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Stereogum and team9's free MySplice album. Another one here. A 4th should be due some time in December, if they keep making them. I hope they do.
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You might also give Girl Talk's albums a go. They're not free, but his label has adopted that pay-what-you-want model for all their music, so it won't set you back much.

His stuff is a little more frantic -- as in, 20 or more samples per track frantic -- so not to everyone's taste, but it does fall under the "mashup of popular music" umbrella. Though his source material is generally a little older than what's in your link.
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You can find a lot of interesting mashup singles and mixtapes (themed and otherwise) in the archives of Mashuptown.
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The Kleptones.
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Go Home Productions?
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I'm a fan of DJ BC's mixtapes.
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Super Mash Bros.
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I'm sure you know that the Hood Internet have at least two other mix tapes that are equally good (if not better), but I thought I would mention it just in case.

If you like mashups that are slightly more frenetic (in the Girl Talk vein) check out E-603. His new album is on the pay as you like In Rainbows style plan.
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