Name That Bunny Book
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Another children's book identification thread, this time about a baby bunny and a scary fox.

I've tried Googling, but there are just too many popular children's books featuring bunnies.

Here's what I remember:

The baby bunny gets separated from its mother and is suddenly ambushed by a big scary fox. The fox chases it until finally the bunny runs through a briar patch, and when the fox follows he is totally wounded by the thorns and gives up.

I remember the illustrations being more naturalistic than in other bunny books, especially the really scary fox. I read this in the early 1980's, but it was at my grandmother's house so it could have been a much older book for all I know.

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That strikes me as a riff on the tale of Brer Rabbit, which has about a million variations in a million different formats, so was it any of these?
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Sounds like this book.
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It is, in fact, Little Cottontail. I had actually searched through all the little Golden Books I could find at one point, thinking it might be one, but since I never found it I thought I was wrong, which is why I didn't include that detail in my answer.

I can't wait to buy it and see if I still think it's scary!
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You won't find it scary. What you'll do is wonder whether maternal negligence is confined to rabbits and whether the damned volume is a cold war paean to self sufficiency.
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