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I'm trying to remember the name of a series of preschooler picture books. They were written a few years back and the main characters are two animals that look like bunnies but aren't. One is white and one is black. I can't remember their names, hence my dilemma since their names are also the title of the series. I think one name is odd and starts with a B and the other is ordinary, maybe Maggie? Anyway, they are wonderful oddball characters who mange to find their way in and out of trouble. Their charm lies in being different. What are their names?
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Gaspard and Lisa! Black and white, look like bunnies. Popular in the toy sections for cute-things-for-adults here in Japan.
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Gaspard and Lisa. Yes. Thankyou. I can go to bed now.
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I didn't know the name, but I recognized the black-white bunny-like pair from seeing it around in the shops, so had to figure out how to do a reverse lookup on my memory of what they looked like. This is kind of tricky.
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I like the glimpse of your brain I get from looking at your memory and then at the answer.
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Max and Ruby sort of also kinda fit the description (They're both white, but they have other-coloured friends).
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Absolutely Gaspard and Lisa.

Same illustrator (and writer, I think) wrote the books Mommy Loves, Daddy Hugs, etc -- great board books for even younger kids.
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