Music sharing between music players.
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How can I share music across multiple music players?

I'd like something like how itunes shares music across a network, except compatible with multiple players.
If at all possible something like mojo would be awesome.
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There are a few DAAP (which is what iTunes uses) servers out there. Check out Otherwise you can use Icecast to stream your music over a network.
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To confirm, you want to share more metadata than just what's stored in the files themselves -- like ratings, playlists and so forth -- stuff that's normally stored in each player's proprietary database?

I would be delighted to learn otherwise, but I've wanted to do this for awhile (between MediaMonkey and iTunes) and after a lot of searching have concluded that there's no reliable way to sync or translate back and forth between the two databases. DAAP might be an option if all of the players support it, but if one of the players in question is iTunes, you will find that Apple is doing everything they can to prevent DAAP connections between iTunes and any non-iTunes player.

Currently I'm just sharing the folder in which my music files reside, so updates to the ID3 tags are shared but all other metadata is kept separately in the respective databases. Again, I hope someone proves me wrong, but I think this is the best you're going to do (short of convincing the parties involved to agree on a single player).
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