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Suggest a cultural activity in Boston, evening of Oct 10?

I'm taking a group (about 50) of 17 & 18 year olds to Boston between Oct 9-11. Most of the weekend is booked and organized, but I'm still looking for some kind of cultural activity - art, music, theatre, readings - as an optional activity in the evening on Sat. Oct. 10th. We're staying near MIT. From past years I suspect about 20 students will sign up for the evening, and we'd like to keep the cost under $50.00US per person. We're considering the BSO but perhaps some locals have other suggestions for things that are (forgive me classical musicians) a bit more hip?
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Best answer: Music:

Club Passim is featuring Edie Carey that night, who probably isn't a big favorite of that demographic. The Middle East shows are 18+, so that doesn't work. The Somerville Theatre doesn't currently have a concert scheduled for that night, though that might change. Arts at the Armory doesn't currently have a concert scheduled for that night.


The American Repertory Theater has The Donkey Show (disco Midsummer Night's Dream) and Sleep No More (interactive Macbeth in a deserted warehouse) that night. The Arsenal Theater doesn't currently have a show scheduled for that night.
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This totally may not be what you're looking for, but....

The Boston Derby Dames are having their Championship Bout that night. It's music, it's culture, it's a sporting event, it's all ages, all types, it's roller derby!

(Of course, my answer to any "What can I do in X city on Y night?" question is to see if there's a roller derby league playing that night.)
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Best answer: Blue Man Group is pretty darn hip and they have group pricing (may be a bit over your budget on Saturdays, but maybe fall pricing is better). It's got music and art and makes you think, fulfilling the culture aspect, plus it's a ton of fun and the teens will think you are the coolest teacher EVER.
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MIT's Event Calendar will probably get filled in more once the school year starts, but the jazz concert looks like it might fit.
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If you don't mind a half hour train ride, there's a bunch of stuff going on up in Salem that night. Looking over the calendar, I see a Poe reading, ghost tours of the House of Seven Gables, and a 'you are there' type reenactment of the Hysteria.

Not to mention all the museums and shops that will be open.
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2nding Blue Man Group.

The commuter rail trains to Salem don't run very frequently (once an hour at best), and you have to take two subway lines to get from MIT to North Station. If I were wrangling high school students, it wouldn't be my first choice logistically.
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You might be better off waiting until closer to the time, especially if you're interested in things that are on the cheaper to free range. The Boston Phoenix publishes a list of weekly events around the city and it's usually a good place to start. Won't be available until that week, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, some great ideas here. I would like to wait longer but the rest of our fees have to be to the travel agent by early September so I'll need to decide in the next week.
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