Want to lie in a tent at night and hear nothing but the waves.
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Where are the best places in New South Wales to camp in close proximity to a beach? But wait, here's the catch...

I would prefer recommendations which aren't for established camping grounds full of tents, caravans, dogs, cars, shower blocks, jet skiis and other people.

I'm looking for a National Park-type setting where a hike is rewarded with a gorgeous, private location. It would be great to be able to use fire to cook etc.

Tell me your favourite spot, and I promise to take care of it and to leave exactly how we found it.
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Response by poster: I should also say, that if you're generous enough to share a location but would prefer not to make it a destination for thousands, send me a message.
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Tallow Beach near Byron Bay. Expensive, but secluded if you want to go upmarket at Tallow Beach Houses, but it has everything your little heart desires and then some.

General info
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Ben Boyd National Park. There are established camp grounds within the park, but small ones, unpowered, pit toilets, and accessible by somewhat rough roads. Quite beautiful.
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We hiked out to a spot at jervis bay that was perfect. Unfortunately this was ten years ago so the details are hazy. A quick squiz at google maps suggests it was off cave beach road. I'm sure the NSW Parks and Wildlife services can tell you a lot more.
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I think wilful is referring to the Caves beach camping area in Boodaree National park, one of the most beautiful spots on the south coast. Here is a picture of the beach
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Sorry, further to comments on Caves beach - it's an easy 10 minute walk in, with fireplaces, cold showers, pit toilets, and a gorgeous beach. No power and no lights. The camping area is grassed and shady and there are tame roos and heaps of birds.

It can be a bit crowded in the school holidays, the rest of the year it's easy to get a site.
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Mimosa Rocks was always very quiet. Stunning, too.
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