Step by step set up for receiving POP email through Yahoo?
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How do I set up Yahoo Mail Plus to receive my email from other accounts? (more inside)

I have Yahoo Mail Plus which allowed me to receive my email (I use Fusemail for my business) from other accounts. I was in Yahoo Mail Classic at the time and it was fairly easy to set up the POP to receive my email. I now need to add more emails to receive through Yahoo, but for some wacky reason that I haven't figured out yet, I don't know where to set this up. I followed the steps I did before, but it never took me to the right window to set it up.

I've been back and forth between the old and new interface of Yahoo Mail searching for where to set up the POP. When I click on view & edit POP settings, it takes me to this page. All that seems to do is show me how to receive my Yahoo email at my other email address (unless I'm reading the page wrong). That's not what I want to do.

I did read this thread on Yahoo Mail Plus, which confirms I can receive my other email through Yahoo, but I need to know how to set that up, step by step in either the new or old interface. I also asked on Yahoo forums and someone pointed me to that same not helpful page. Help! Thanks.
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If I understand correctly, you want to receive POP email into your yahoo mail box.
Instead of selecting the "POP and Forwarding" menu selection in the "options" menu, try selecting "Accounts" instead, followed by the "Add or Edit and Account" link.

that should take you to a menu that you're familiar with the " mail classic" and you can add your POP server name/password, etc.
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Thank you thank you thank you! You have stopped me from pulling my hair out. That was exactly what I needed.

Do you by any chance know what it means when it says "The following error occurred when fetching your external mail:

badLogin" That's a window that pops up from the top of the screen whenever I hit check mail. After I click ok, it still retrieves all my messages for me.
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Nevermind, figured it out. Thanks again.
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