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Which quality newspapers and other news services provide full-text RSS feeds? I'm looking for a world, national, and also sources specific to California news and politics. Alternatively, what are some MacGyver-style ways to make a full-text RSS feed for my current favorites?

Some exemplary source I've seen are the Sacramento Bee, NY Times, and of course - Metafilter. I've found a site called Feedcry which does offer some full-text feeds for Bloomberg and the WSJ which is great. But, I'm looking for more. Thanks much.
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Best answer: The Guardian offers a full-text RSS feed of world news. On the local level, I believe all of the ists provide full-text feeds as well.

For national news from sites with title- or excerpt-only RSS, one MacGyver solution would be a Yahoo Pipe such as this Full Text RSS Builder. The pipe takes 3 inputs: a limited RSS feed, the html starting point of the body of the article, and the html end point of the body of the article. To adapt it to a different feed, you'll need to dig around in the HTML source of a typical article on the news site and try to identify a unique chunk of HTML that occurs at the beginning of every article body, and one that occurs at the end.

(Note: there is a syntax error in the search and replace module of this pipe. It looks like it's supposed to get rid of any div, span, or anchor tags, but it doesn't because the regular expression has a pair of slashes reversed. The output is still reasonably good, though.)
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Response by poster: That was exactly what I needed. Thank you.
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