How can I force a microSD card into my broken blackberry slot?
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What's the best way to brute-force a microSD card into my new Blackberry (that apparently has a defective slot.)

microSD cards no longer click into place in the microSD slot on my Blackberry Flip 8130. I've tried multiple cards, taken it to my cell phone store, checked various forums and with RIM with no results. I've also tried using an exacto knife to enlarge the notch on the microsd card, no luck. Here's a picture of the slot:

The card works fine if I hold it in place, but since it's not latching, the spring mechanism pushes it out and disconnects it once I let go. The slot cap isn't strong enough to keep the card in place.

Since it'd cost $200 to get it repaired, I'd be happy just forcing the card to stay in there (potentially forever). Can anyone suggest the best way? Can I break the spring mechanism? Glue the cap shut? Help!
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Try wedging a small piece of paper in after you put the card is. If it comes out try slightly thicker paper, etc.
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Did you damage that yourself or was it like that out of the box? How old is it? If it's less than a year it should be covered under warranty, no?
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Can you remove the back cover and take off the spring? You might need some jeweler's screwdrivers and needle-nose pliers, but it should be pretty straightforward unless RIM has the thing welded shut.
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At any rate, I'd recommend against a solution that precludes you from ever removing the micro SD card. My laptop has a standard SD slot, and the little docking adapter that came with my 2GB (only $12!) micro SD card has really come in handy on a number of occasions, especially since the cards are hot swappable on the Blackberry. If you permanently wedge the thing in there you'll be relegated to emailing yourself pics/videos or having to break out the USB cable.
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Paper trick worked! Thanks doctor_negative.

I was afraid of opening the phone in case I destroy it with my dumb hands, but looking it up it doesn't seem too bad. Gonna get myself a T5 Torx and poke around a little.
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