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Help me pick out a motherboard for a Core i7 Processor!

I'm a computer novice, and I need advice on buying a motherboard. I'm looking to upgrade my main rig to a Core i7 920. I am not interested in playing games, nor will I be overclocking. I don't need fancy RAID stuff. The primary task for this machine is running a 64-bit data analysis package that I use for work. My wife and son play with the camcorder a lot, and do lots of video editing and video conversion, so they'll appreciate the faster machine as well. I'm interested in something stable and standard that will play well with Windows 7 out of the box. No need for SLI or Crossfire stuff. I'd like to have 12GB RAM, so six triple channel RAM sockets would be nice. I'd also like a board that supports DDR3 1600 without overclocking. Finally, I buy from Newegg whenever possible, because they've earned my business. What are you using? What would you buy?
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A friend built a machine with the ASUS P6T SE early this year. So far he is very happy with the machine and its stability.
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I would check out the Ars Technica guides or see what Puget puts in their rigs.
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I would get this evga board, almost all great reviews, it's triple channel, supports ddr3 1600 w/o overclocking, 8 usb, 6 sata etc.Windows 7 seems to work fine.
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