One Image, One Audio Clip: One Movie?
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How to make a video from an audio track for Youtube?

I'm on a Mac, I'd like to make a video for Youtube that just shows an image for the duration of the video. iMovie is not playing along (limiting video to 4 seconds, wtf!)
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Best answer: The default for still images in iMovie is 4 seconds, as you've discovered. What version of iMovie are you using? Apple has instructions for 8.0, 7.0, and 6.0.
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yeah, I was just trying this this weekend and it turns out that iMovie 7.x only allows BGM of up to a minute per photo. You can add more photos to get more minutes I guess, but I couldn't figure out how to get the transitions between photos to stop.
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Why not just drag the same photo in a bunch of times? If it won't let you put the same one in LITERALLY, just create a bunch of copies of it.

On the slim chance that you've got a virtual copy of windows running, this is of course very simple to do in Windows Movie Maker...
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