Learning about owning a go-kart track
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Where are the trade magazines for "concession karts"? That is, a magazine focused on go-kart track operations and ownership.

So one of my "someday maybe" goals in life is to own a go-kart track. Until then, I want to read up on the subject, but websites have been few and far between. I've made the assumption that there's a magazine for just about every topic, so I'm looking for pointers to 'trade mags' for this or the greater amusement industry. Blogs would be good too.
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Have you seen these folks? They have a newsletter and seem like a good source of information.
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Most go-karts tracks (including slick tracks and other varients) are part of larger "family entertainment centers." The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPPA) publishes Funworld, a monthly magazine geared towards FEC operators. IAAPA's annual EXPO is being held in November in Las Vegas this year; it's a gas and an easy way for you to learn about the industry. IAAPA is also one of several sponsors of the FunExpo, which is geared towards FECs and held in March.

IAPPA may be merging (members vote this month) with another FunExpo sponsor, the International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry (IALEI-I). IALEI-I publishes all sorts of useful information too, including the annual state of the industry compilation of stats about FECs.

The World Karting Association, which publishes several magazines, is geared more towards organized kart racing than casual FEC-style use.
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