Need hosted solution for retiree extranet
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Help me figure out how to put our retiree directory online and eventually create a retiree extranet.

We don't have the resources to produce or host an extranet web site in-house at this time. Has anyone used a hosted solution for a retiree or employee extranet? I'm thinking of something along the lines of a Google or Yahoo group, but more customizable.

The solution doesn't have to be free, but it should be cost effective compared to the cost of printing and mailing a retiree directory and several other communications each year. (Yes, we know that not all our retirees are online, but we expect to substantially cut down on printing and mailing costs, and be more green by not sending out all that paper.)

To start, we need to get our retiree directory online, and it would be great to have it in some sort of sortable/searchable database, not just an uploaded PDF. We need to be able to send e-mails to all members, and we'd like to eventually have a forum/bulletin board for retirees to communicate with each other.
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I think Backpack would be a good fit. Very usable too -your retiree community shouldn't have any problem with it.
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I should have mentioned that we currently have about 2,500 retirees. I did look at Backpack and love its simplicity, but their Max account is limited to 500 users.
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