Trying to locate this awesome villa
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I am trying to locate a villa rental property I read about in a traveler magazine in my doctor’s office some time ago. Problem is, I don’t remember a lot of the specifics... Might you be able to identify the villa I’m talking about based on the few things I do remember?

Here is what I do remember:
- Located in either Costa Rica or Puerto Rico - I think (sorry)
- Villa/property with multiple bedrooms and affordable (the article focused on how affordable villa rentals could be when shared with other couples)
- Access to a natural underground cave with stalactites & stalagmites
- I believe this underground cave was in effect a pool – and for some reason I think there was a slide going into it?
- Villa came with a personal chef who prepared all meals
- Transport to/from airport was also provided
- Family-friendly (the writer had small kids)
- Possibly located somewhat inland, but could be wrong on that

Ridiculously vague, I know. I can't remember which doctor's office it was or I'd just ask them which traveler magazines they subscribe to and narrow my search that way. Any help would be appreciated!
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Don't know if this is the one mentioned in the article, but Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic has villa packages that offer those features, and is near La Cuevo de las Maravillas. I have stayed there and it is truly a wonderful place.
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Thank you lalex - I don't think this is the one they were talking about, but I'll keep Casa de Campo on my list of alternatives in the very likely event that I can't find the villa in question... Thx much.
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