Should this SATA to ATAPI setup work?
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Should this SATA to PATA/IDE conversion work for a slimline DVD drive in desktop computer when the motherboard is SATA only?

I am in the process of building a computer, I have a motherboard (DG41MJ) with SATA only connectors. When I ordered the Slimline DVD drive I made the mistake of ordering a E-IDE (ATAPI) version instead of a SATA one (which I didn't realize was available). I did however purchase a SATA to ATAPI converter for the drive.

My issue is that the computer will not POST past the inital BIOS screen (or even allow entry into BIOS setup) with this drive connected. With it disconnected I can BIOS setup just fine.

Now I can return it and get a SATA version with I would expect would resolve the issue, however should I expect to resolve the issue with what I have on hand, or since the motherboard is SATA only it will not (or most likely will not) support ATAPI devices even with an adaptor? Thanks!
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Best answer: I'd assume the adapter should be totally handling the ATAPI-SATA conversion, so my guess would be its either not installed correctly -- probably not the case, I don't see any jumpers or dip switches anywhere to configure -- or the adapter and/or drive is defective.

I'd just return the drive and adapter and get the SATA version. Why make things more complicated than they need to be?
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Best answer: This is a big weird area in computers. A lot of motherboards claim their BIOS can support technologies that they don't really fully support -- e.g. they support SATA slaves just fine, but the introduction of a middle man may come with a corner case that the BIOS developers didn't antipate. I see this type of issue constantly.

I think jjb's suggestion is sound, and probably the most hassle-free. However, before doing that, see if you can change the way the BIOS deals with SATA in the BIOS setup -- e.g. if it already has built-in IDE emulation for SATA. I know the motherboard in my work machine supports IDE only through the SATA interface (presumably for pragmatic reasons). Your problem could be as simple as the converter conflicting with code that was designed for hardware that's not actually there...
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Does the slimline IDE drive have an adapter screwed onto the back of it? Typical slimline ATA66/ATA100 drives will have a tiny connector on the back of them which is usually laptop specific, a small PCB plugs into the rear of this and has connectors on it for a floppy drive power plug and a 40-pin IDE receptacle (male pins with plastic shroud).

If so, you can try changing the adapter on the back of the drive... but you are probably better off using a model that is directly SATA.
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Response by poster: I agree - that bad boy is RMA'd. I couldn't find any way to enable emulation. Walrus - I do not have any IDE connectors on my MB. Thanks for the answers.
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