How are they selling these televisions for so cheap??
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Why is this online store selling amazing tvs for so cheap? There's gotta be a catch but I don't see it.

So, I'm moving soon and I was thinking about picking out a new fancy pants television as my own little housewarming gift to myself. I started looking at how much fancy pant televisions cost. Apparently I've been living in the dark. So I decided to check Craig's list (Chicago) and see if I could find a discount. I noticed the same web page selling amazing televisions for a ridiculously low price. I'm talking 52" 1080p Samsungs for like, $400. There has to be a catch, right? At the bottom of all their CL ads was a link to The page says nothing about who they are. It's just basically a pick one out, add to cart and it's on the way setup. I'm so tempted but...really? This can't be right.

Has anyone dealt with these people before? I'm highly skeptical of the prices they are offering. What's the hoax? Anyone? Anyone?
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The link you provided is dead. It is, of course, most likely a scam. I wouldn't even risk the hassle of identity theft with an iffy site that might have a good deal.

Amazon/ Newegg both have good deals on TVs. Also, the flat panel providers linked through the AV Science seem to be fully vetted by the AV Science community.
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Best answer: Spam and Scam Artists on Craigslist.

List includes "".
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Well, it's a chinese-run website. Possibly fakes?
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Link finally resolved. Yeah, that screams scam. The hoax is they take your money and don't send anything. Or they take your money and send you Chinese knock offs.
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Cursory searches yield complaints about this site from people who have not received the products they ordered.
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Googling for "store hot" scam gives you plenty of hits.

What's the hoax? Anyone? Anyone?

Judging from the results of that search, you wire money to some random chinese guy (because they don't accept payment in any other form), and that's the last thing you hear from them.
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Response by poster: Okay, thanks for the insight guys. I don't normally buy online from non-major sellers like Amazon, so it's good to know that maybe I should just stick to them. Thanks!
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I don't normally buy online from non-major sellers like Amazon, so it's good to know that maybe I should just stick to them.

Obviously this place is a scam, but there are plenty of non-major retailers on the internet which are perfectly legitimate, so don't rule everyone out because they're not Amazon. My rule is: pay with a credit card and make sure the site seems legitimate, like it uses https and a professional etail system (and no "too good to be true" deals), then I'll buy even from sites I've never heard of. I've never had any problems yet.
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If you even think of buying from someone you haven't heard of…at the very least, take a moment to check them out online - I used to use reseller ratings, but it's been a long time since I've ordered from an "unknown group."

Second, try sites like dealnews or fatwallet for legitimate bargains; only use craigslist for LOCAL individuals.
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