Mac freeware for PDF Markups?
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MacFilter: Anyone know of a free way to add markups and comments to PDF files in OS X?

I had a copy of Acrobat Pro until this time last year and grew to love its comment and markup features for PDF files. I read lots of journal articles in PDF and putting a comment in the margins as one would with a pen in Ye Olden Dayes was a big plus. But my current employer doesn't have the budget for a license and I'm not really eager to drop the full price myself. Any suggestions? A big plus would be saving files with comments in a way that could be read by Adobe Reader later, for my students.
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Yeah, the Preview application, which comes with all Macs, allows you to mark-up and annotate PDFs. Open a PDF in Preview, then check out the Tools menu.
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if you have Leopard, the built-in Preview app offers this functionality under Tools > Annotate
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Best answer: i use skim for journal articles.
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Best answer: Skim
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I have OS X 10.5.7 and Preview 4.2. This version of Preview lets you:

- Highlight text
- Add comments
- Draw rectangles and such around stuff on the page
- Add internal or external links
- Add entire PDFs or just some pages (drag a second PDF's pages into the sidebar of the main PDF)
- Delete pages (Edit | Delete selected page)
- Rearrange the pages in a PDF (drag them around in the sidebar)

There are probably other things as well but I haven't tried them. I'm not sure if the annotations can be viewed on all platforms but it would be easy to test.
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Response by poster: Apologies, I should have said I knew about Preview. It has annotations and they port over to Reader, but the tools themselves are pretty limited. Skim is actually closer to what I had in mind, though I'm still trying to figure out a good way to port over to Reader.
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Skim or Formulate Pro.
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To read skim markups in Reader (or Preview), you'll need to re-print them as a PDF which is, obviously, less than ideal.

(Hit Cmd-P, go to the PDF menu in the lower left and select "Save as PDF".)
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