How do I fix my friends kitchen stove issue?
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Kitchen appliances: What remedies do you have when an appliance purchase and installation goes wrong?

I'm asking this for a friend. He bought a gas Electrolux cooktop stove from a local dealer 2 or 3 weeks ago (this is the model

He has 2 problems with the appliance:
1. The knobs look like they are metal, but they're actually plastic, and have melted. They're still usable, but not as aesthetically pleasing. I'm assuming the reason you pay extra for a stove like this is for design and appearance.
2. Half of the burners- whatever - won't light automatically. Seems like a lighter problem. He has to use matches.

Here's what he's tried

1. Working with the dealer/installer (

Dealer won't refund or exchange. It's a small business, so no corporate person to write to. Sent a person to his home on a service call. Service repair person concluded nothing is wrong with the stove and suggests contacting the manufacturer

2. Manufacturer (Electrolux)
Says to deal with the dealer since the issue appears to be related to installation. Also, warranty does not cover knobs because it is not a defect - the knobs were designed to be plastic.

3. Credit card company (Chase)
Cannot dispute because it was a face-to-face transaction and buyer had an opportunity to inspect the merchandise.

So how do I help my friend without sinking a great deal of my own time into this?

I think the right customer service person at the manufacturer or credit card company might do it. If not, what legal cause of action exists for a consumer in his position (in Texas)? (I guess something could be done in small claims court, I'm just not sure under what basis)
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Electrolux spells out their return policy quite clearly on their site.

"Used items can only be returned within 30 days of shipment if defective. In this instance, items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of CPO; a refund will not be issued. Upon inspection, if we deem the product to be in proper working condition or damaged intentionally then a 20% restocking fee and "to" and "from" shipping charges will be applied. Please call our Customer Care team at 800-716-6036 within 30 days of shipment for further instructions."

This is why i use american express. I get 30 days to return anything even if the reason is "i just don't like it" It's part of their "return protection".
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Hmm. This is a conundrum.

1. How was the repairman able to say nothing was wrong with the stove when two burners require matches to light? Did they happen to luckily ignite while he was there?

2. Were the knobs designed to melt?

3. Was the range installed in the store such that it could be operated?

As for suing 'em up, you'd want to look first at the Uniform Commercial Code, which is implemented differently from state to state, but is a good launching point. Speaking to each of the entities in terms of the UCC should put their minds in the right frame before that should need to happen, though.

There is also a bit of information and commiseration on the Google.
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I would call Electrolux at one of these numbers and explain to them that one of their retailers is dropping the ball vis-a-vis repair service on a brand new purchase. Walk the issue as far up the ladder as you can.

Interestingly, when I plug-in the zip code for Choice Appliances (77380) on Electrolux's Service Locator page, I get only one return, and it's NOT Choice Appliances. I get Royal Appliance Parts & Service, in Spring.
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