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Best current exhibitions in New York City museums?

I'm spending the day in New York tomorrow and we think we want to hit a museum or two. Are there any can't-miss exhibitions currently in the city?
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If you like architecture, you should check out the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the Guggenheim.
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Summer at MoMA planner tailored to your likes.
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There are some good general/timely museum-related suggestions in this recent thread: "So what's going in NYC this weekend?" For one, a current exhibition at the Met got high praise; be sure to scroll down for more options.
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Initiative X
548 West 22nd Street
New York, NY

(the old Dia Building)

From Roberta Smith's review in today's Times

To glimpse the future of contemporary art, or at least a slice of that future, spend some time at the X Initiative in Chelsea. Real time. The solo shows on view provide in-depth exposure to the efforts of three young artists who work in film, performance, sound and other time-based mediums, and suggest some exciting new approaches to reinventing and recombining Post Minimalism’s diverse strains, especially the emphasis on language and the use of dispersed, decentered installations. Taken together they say more about art today, more clearly, than most biennials.
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A trio of Whistle's portraits are back in the room they where made for at The Frick Collection. They're usually on tour, so it's a rare chance to them in context and all togther and the Frick is a pretty amazing museum to begin with.
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Whistlers! Sorry.
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Oh! and the Met is back from a long-ass renovation is now the best I've ever seen it, so do go and go allow for a lot of time.
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Oskar Kokoschka
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The Met has Michaelangelo's first painting, originally posted to the blue here. The display is a little bit Mona Lisa, since there is one painting and 100 tourists, but you mustn't miss it if you go to the Met. It's only a short term visit, since it was purchased by the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth and will be going there for permanent display in September.

They also have Kindred Spirits at the moment in the newly reopened American Wing.
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Francis Bacon (the painter) is over at the Met.
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I was blown away by the Francis Bacon exhibit mentioned above.
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Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul, at the Met. I've heard nothing but fabulous things about it.
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Seconding Afghanistan, at least from what other people on Metafilter are saying. If I were there, that is what I would go to see.
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National Museum of the American Indian

Identity by Design: Tradition, Change, and Celebration in Native Women's Dresses
September 26, 2008–September 13, 2009
George Gustav Heye Center, New York

Do not miss it.
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Thanks, y'all! The Met it was (and it was good.)
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