Would you recommend the Virgin Excess Baggage service?
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Has anyone used the Virgin Atlantic Excess Baggage service to send unaccompanied baggage overseas? Seems like a good deal compared with standard freight forwarding but wondering if I'm missing something.

I'm moving from UK to US next month and wondering about the best way to ship my stuff. The Virgin Excess Baggage service works out to about £4 per kilo for the first 35 kilo and then drops to roughly £2.50 per kilo after that. Virgin reps tell me that I just bring my stuff to the airport, they weigh it there, ship it and they then provide 4 free days of storage at the destination. Dimensions don't really matter although they said if I was bringing something large (like a sofa, which I'm not), then I should just call ahead to make sure there's room. I'd be responsible for clearing my stuff on the US side but Virgin tells me this is quite simple.

I've searched the board and companies like SevenSeas Worldwide are recommended but the prices seem roughly comparable; however, I'll have to wait 52 days for my stuff using that service. Also, their price quotes are based on weight as well as dimensions so it seems like I could end up paying more for light but bulky items (like guitars).

So, has anyone used the Virgin service and if you have, do you recommend it?
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How much stuff are you talking about, what's your final destination in the States, and are you willing to part with any of it in advance?

Many commercial airlines offer something like this, but it may be under a "cargo" subheading on their websites.
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