Where can I find affordable trendy/modern furniture in the UK?
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Where can I find affordable trendy/modern furniture in the UK?

For ages I've looked for furniture that's innovative, fresh, trendy and simply affordable, but I really struggle to find an alternative to Habitat and Ikea within the UK.

I really like...

Design Within Reach
Design Public

but unfortunately all these sites only deliver to the US and Canada, and trying to ship some of their stuff over to the UK I can imagine would cost a lot!
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Best answer: Try Unto This Last. Their stuff is innovative, high quality and inexpensive. Most of their stuff has the same look so you probably wouldn't want to furnish the whole house with it. They deliver anywhere in the UK.
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Seconding Unto This Last.
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There are loads of furniture shops down Tottenham Court Road (if you're in London) but i don't know how affordable they are...Camden Market also has a lot of nifty stuff.
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Response by poster: Unto This Last looks like a great alternative thanks, especially seeing as it looks like you can customize and tweak some furniture to your liking.
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They make everything to order (quickly) and getting the exact dimensions you want generally doesn't cost any more.
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Response by poster: cardamine, do you think you could give post me an estimate of the prices if you ever happen to be down there? Unto This Last looks very very promising.
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Response by poster: I've come across some more links with lifestyle/furniture related stuff!

http://www.simplehuman.com/ not sure if they have a UK site
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