The best urban rehab projects
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Seeking success stories of land decontamination and rehabilitation in urban areas.

I'm having a hard time with my search. I'm not familiar with this field.

In other words : Fairly recent examples of industrial urban wastelands that have been reclaimed and transformed into lively neighborhoods, parks, campuses, etc.

Examples from the US or Europe if possible.

Thank you !
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How large-scale are you thinking? Looking at post-WWII cleanups of munitions/bombs in places like Cologne or London might be worth checking out.
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This was an Admiralty tip in the middle of the 20th century. Some pretty nasty Dockyard waste went in there... red lead, asbestos, that kind of thing. It was bad enough that they capped the entire site with a non-permeable membrane before building on it. I'm not sure how "lively" is is, though... it's a fairly quiet area, not much community there.
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Have you tried searching under "brownfields redevelopment"? That should get you some US examples. See here. Atlantic Station in Atlanta is another good example.
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Browing the EPA Brownfields Success Page might be a good start. Brownfields are basically former industrial sites that may be contaminated with hazardous substances. The EPA offers grants and other funding to revitalize these sites. This page allows you to search Brownfield projects by area.
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Admittedly, all I know about this is what I heard in her "This I Believe" essay, but Majora Carter mentions turning an illegal garbage dump in the South Bronx into a park.
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Emeryville, CA
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Portland, OR's south waterfront.
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Seattle's infamous gasworks park is a reclaimed hazardous waste site.
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Baltimore has several brownfields sites. Also, Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach.
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Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor
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The Greenwich Peninsula in London
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Berkeley Marina (used to be the municipal dump).
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Chicago has a pretty successful brownfields program.
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would Hiroshima count?
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City Farm in Perth, Western Australia, went from a junkyard to certified organic in about a decade (if i recall correctly).
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Thanks everyone ! Much inspiring reading ahead.
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