Jalapeno-Vodka Induced Hallucination?
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Name That Show Used In That Russian Music Video-Filter: I was at a Russian restaurant in L.A yesterday and saw the strangest music video. I got the name of the artist (Something and Federov?) but the video was chopped up clips from what looked like a British TV show. What TV show or movie was being cut up? Details inside.

The video contained a man in a broad-stripped Zoot Suit and a man dressed as a Lady Bracknell /Pepperpot type (Think Monty Python) and what seemed to be WW1-era soldiers and generals. There was lots of broad comedy and falling down drunk and the sets where very white and minimal. There was a lot of green smoke. From the video quality I'd say late 70s-early 80s? What the hell did I just watch?
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That could be a bunch of clips from Blackadder. Here's a clip from the WWI-era Blackadder Goes Forth.
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Best answer: The song is probably called this Vengeroff & Fedorov - Zdravstvuyte, Ya Vasha Tetya - Music Video (HQ) but it looks like it's been removed from youtube for terms of use violation
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Best answer: The characters you describe appear in this snippet, which, I assume, is taken from from this russian movie.
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You can probably find out by calling the restaurant. It may be something they play often.
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Response by poster: Effbot for the win!
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