Naples, FL - any good?
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Anyone know Naples, Florida?

Is it a decent place for a vacation for a single guy who doesn't play golf or especially like sitting on the beach? Ask because an agent has a good deal for a week there. There is an earlier thread, but it was short.
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My wife worked on a hotel there, and I've been to visit a couple times.

I'd say it's mostly a sleepy place aimed at older folks and families. Hanging out on the beach, pools and golf courses seemed to be the biggest draw. Heavily air conditioned steakhouse and seafood restaurants are big there too.

I'm not knocking the place. And I have no doubt that there's some fun bars and places other than what I mentioned. But overall it's pretty quiet and conservative. From what you say you're looking for, I'd say go somewhere else.

I don't golf, but the beaches I went to were very, very nice. Bathtub-warm water.
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I have a 75-year-old friend who moved there from DC and she says it's far too quiet and full of old people for her.
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you'd be better off on ft myers beach
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Response by poster: That's that then! Thanks
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I've been to both Naples and Ft. Meyers for conferences three years running.

I don't know what you'd do there if you didn't want to spend the day on the beach. The rest of the place is a seemingly never-ending mass of strip malls, private medicine and chain restaurants.

My advice = pass. .
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I know it very well. I work there, and lived there for several years. I now live further up the beach in Bonita Springs.

Golf and the beach are basically the two main attractions in Naples. If you're not into those two things, there is still stuff to do but you'll need to have a car because what minimal public transportation exists is pretty limited. Let me stress this: without a car your options are severely limited.

First, to get this out of the way: Naples is not a party town and it is not a young town. There is not a nighttime scene to speak of. Yes, there are bars and restaurants that are open late(-ish) - they are OK, but if your pace is more South Beach then it's going to seem like dullsville.

If you don't happen to care about a clubbing scene, there is still plenty to do. There's a huge variety of nature/wildlife type of stuff to visit: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is one I would highly recommend; it's about 30 miles from Naples proper. Collier Seminole State Park has a nice mangrove swamp where you can rent a canoe and paddle around; that's 20 miles or so east of Naples. The granddaddy of them all, Shark Valley visitor center at Everglades National Park, is basically the Everglades in the raw. Rent a bike and drive out east 70 or so miles. I can virtually guarantee you'll be inches away from alligators if you go. Much closer in to Naples is the Fakahatchee Strand State Park (made famous in the movie "Adaptation" though I really, really don't think it's a good idea to go mucking around on foot...)

Generally speaking, if you like boating or fishing you'll always find something to do around Naples. Or if you really like shopping. Plenty of shopping to do, I can promise you that.
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If you do end up going to Naples, do yourself a favor and visit Michelbob's for the best ribs you'll ever have.
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A good art museum. Cool pier. Near the Everglades. That's about it.
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I've never been there, but I live north of Boston and I can tell you that Naples seems to be THE place to retire for people living in my town. Which means it's likely a hotbed of retirees.
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Old folks and wonderful, beautiful beaches. If you love beaches, eating out, and shopping, it is great. My 84 year-old father thinks it is boring. But I think the beaches are gorgeous.
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