Best online wine seller in the US?
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Best American online wine store?

I need choice in a variety of a high quality, US/Italy/France wines, including champagnes. Fast, reliable shipping (East Coast). Gift wrap would be awesome but not a must. They have to take American Express. Or PayPal. PayPal would be awesome. Willing to pay for quality. Thank you very much.
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What's the destination state? Many states ban out of state shipments.
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I would recommend Wine Library, because Gary Vaynerchuk is great. (If you are interested in wine, watch his daily video blog at, because he's super quirky and interesting, and he really knows his stuff.)
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Response by poster: Three destinations, actually: NY, NJ, MA
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There are no finer folks than the good people at K&L. Amex accepted.
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Rules for NY, NJ, MA. K&L shipping states.

Basically, NY is ok, but NJ and MA ban out-of-state shipments. You might find shippers in NJ and MA that do in-state shipments.
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Seconding Wine Library for NJ. I wasn't actually aware that out-of-state shipments were banned in NJ, I've just always used Wine Library. Never had an issue, great customer service.
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Background: Most states ban or effectively ban shipments from out of state. Although these laws have their origins in blue laws / morality legislation, local alcohol distributors lobby against liberalization to maintain their monopoly.

Some states, especially states with significant wine industries like California, Oregon, Washington, and New York allow out-of-state entities to ship wine in. They allow this to encourage reciprocal arrangements with other states. These reciprocal arrangements were originally explicit (e.g. California would only allow shipments from states that would accept California shipments). But most states with reciprocal arrangements have since decided to just allow shipments from anywhere, backwards states included.
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wine.woot usually ships to NY and often ships to NJ and MA, though you should expect tedious, longer delivery times. They lose points for variety, it's one new selection every Monday and Thursday, so if you don't like the current offering, just wait a few days. Gifting is available. They take Amex and paypal and the quality is fantastic. The community is also great, if a particular wine is not available in your area you can often ask in the forums for anyone willing to 'wootleg' for you.
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I have had family members order wine for me at Manhattan's Sherry-Lehmann and it has been shipped legally by the store to Boston. ("Deliveries to the following states are limited to wine accessories only: Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington."*).

So, it appears they ship to the three states you mention.
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BTW -- Sherry-Lehmann's online wine store has a great selection.
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2nding K&L - I've been a member of the wine club there for a couple of years now, and they've been nothing if not wonderful.
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Sherry-Lehmann is my purveyor, and I've always been happy with them. Sometimes I have to go elsewhere for a particular bottle of something they don't have.
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