WiFi coffee shop in manhattan
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Good Manhattan (free, unlimited) WiFi locations?

Just moved to the area and I need to get out of my apartment for a change of scenery while doing my job search.

Ideal location:
-Coffee shop (no libraries, I want to be able to drink/snack/take a phone call)
-Unlimited free Wifi
-Small, quiet, not a busy place, somewhere I'm likely to get a seat.
-Good coffee, ideally some snacks, affordable
-NOT a Starbucks

My favorite coffee shop at the moment is 9th Street Espresso in Alphabet City, but I'm trekking into the city from Port Authority at 41st, so maybe something on a quiet side street in Chelsea would be ideal? I'd like to be downtown at the very least.

Thanks for your help!
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On the LES, Ludlow between Rivington and Stanton, there's Cake Shop. It is the best.
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A Brooklyn alternative: Rebar is a beautiful coffee shop during the day, and off the first stop in Brooklyn on the F train. It's about 5 minutes from the Lower East Side, 10 from the 23rd St stop. WiFi is free, coffee's from Stumptown or Gorilla, pastries are shipped fresh from Balthazar.
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Two suggestions:

Grounded: http://www.groundedcoffee.com/ in the Village. It's a bit of a cavern, but a good place to linger without worry.

and a newer discovery:

Telegraphe Cafe 107 W 18th St

Wifi and nice and light. A lot smaller than Grounded.

Otherwise, I normally Yelp the area I'm around to find something.
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Bryant Park.
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Best answer: I've been liking Grounded, on Jane St. but it gets crowded.
Corner Bistro nearby has great burgers.

Places I've worked.(obvious self-link)

http://ilovefreewifi.com/manhattan/ [warning, possible malware vector]
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Thirding Grounded.
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Aww shit, you guys. You're gonna kill Grounded. That's my hangout too! Shhhhh! Like it wasn't already getting too crowded?

Anywhere in the vicinity of Columbia University -- on all sides -- uptown. CU offers free and fast open public wifi to the neighborhood. There are dozens of places along Broadway between 112-120th where you can get free wifi as a result, including the Starbucks att 114th.
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Warning: the ilovefreewifi.com link in bashos_frog's post above appears to contain malware!
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Best answer: I was a digital nomad in NYC for the month of June, and asked a very similar question here beforehand. I got a whole bunch of great suggestions, but my favorite by far -- and one that meets all your requirements -- is V Bar, on Sullivan St just below Washington Square Park. It's a straight shot on the A, C, or E from Port Authority to the West 4th St station, then walk east two blocks and south one.

I worked there about a dozen times in June, each time staying from morning through midafternoon or thereabouts. The place is small but airy and very comfy -- a bit like a European wine bar (which it becomes in the late afternoon). It wasn't so quiet that it felt empty (and the hipsters who work there are the friendly sort), and only once or twice was it really busy. Never had a problem finding a seat or a power outlet. The overall volume of the place is low and very calming; I was able to take part in conference calls sotto voce without annoying either the people sitting near me or those on the other end of the line.

Coffee is quite good and is cheap ($1.25 per cup and a 50-cent refill). Pastries and such were yummy (they have more substantial food too, but I usually got falafel around the corner instead).

Wireless was good, solid, speedy enough to make me forget I was out of the office. And in all that time, the network only crapped out on me once, for about a half hour.

Now that I'm back in cubeland, I really miss the place...
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Max Cafe, Amsterdam and 122nd - free wifi, comfy couches, great coffee and food. Basically, the coffee shop on Friends.
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