Where can I find web designers?
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I wrote a book, now I want to release it for free as an attractive website. Whats the best marketplace these days for folks who rock at graphics/layout/navigation design and don't have to be as skilled at the copy?

So I have decided to just release my book on the web for free, and I'd like to ditch my unawesome website for a totally awesome redesigned one. I'm even willing to pay several hundreds of dollars for this.

I already have all the content, website ideas and coverart. I just need someone to take that, make it into an attractive, easy to read web format and help me publish it. I'd like to put some google ads or something like that as well to cover the costs in the long run.

Is iFreelance.com the best place for me to post this project and take bids? What else is out there?

Any mefites want to speculate on whats a good price for this kind of thing?
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"Even willing to pay...?" Heh. Web design is a pretty tedious and time consuming process if you're intending to do anything high-level. Considering that you want a book typeset to the web, I'm betting that you're looking at a thousand dollars or so for a good designer to touch this.

I'm not sure where you would post to get quotes, honestly. I've always worked locally. Pricing will generally be based on features you want (Flash, custom scripting, etc. will add a lot...) and the size of the project. Don't trust anyone who gives you a price before they see the entire spec.
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Best answer: 99Designs sounds like it'd be just up your street.
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You can get very pretty, if structurally simple, sites at warriorforum.com for $40-100.
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Have you looked at publishing it through something like Lulu? Not sure about freelancers, but I recently built a new site using Squarespace, it was super simple and come out very nicely.
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Graph Paper Press does great things for wordpress.
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I usually go to websites I like the look of, find out who their designer is, and ask from there. Maybe that can work for you.
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