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What's your guess on how much this bike is worth.

Someone is trying VERY HARD to get this bike from me and is willing to spend around $5k US. I think he's nuts, and I'm not letting it go anyway because I like it.

I'm very curious to know what you guys think and various bike forums are letting me down.

The bike: Bottecchia manufactured in '83 or '84. 12 speed road bike, metallic blue with all the original decals and badges. Some of the decals note that it's a replica of a bike that won the 1966 national championships in Italy or something like that. It's all original aside from tires and tubes and is in pretty darn good condition.

I purchased it new in Naples, Italy for about $300. I put a few hundred miles on it and then it went into storage. Forgive me for not posting photos, but it's still in storage and I haven't seen it in a couple of years.

I know there are some hardcore and knowledgeable Mefites Bikers and appreciate any facts or opinions you have!

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I am neither knowledgeable nor a biker . . . but . . . I do have an opinion! Someone wants to give you $5k for a bike that's been sitting in storage and you haven't seen in a few years.

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This sounds like a scam to me. You receive a bankers check on a foreign bank for 5k . Bank it. A couple of days later get a call/email saying they have a medical problem and need some of the money back .Please send 2k. You do . After a few days the $5k check doesnt clear. You are out 2k and liable to the bank for passing a bad check. Classic craiglist scam.

how did they know about your in storage bike. Am i just too cynical ?
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As a Bottecchia owner myself, my thought is that there's just no way in hell that it's worth that much. For a real answer, though, you should check out the classic/vintage forum on - they're chock full of obscure information, and will likely be more helpful than anyone here.
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Here's what Sheldon Brown had to say about Bottechia.

A cursory glance through some bike forums seems to indicate tat there are some exceptional prices demanded for certain Bottechia models do sell for $$, but that much? Unclear.
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It's altogether possible that the bike really is worth that to someone and also altogether possible that it's only worth that to this one person. Certainly, stuartmm has a point and you should be careful about scams, and do you due diligence at, but I'd seriously consider that.
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Accept only cash and use the proceeds to buy a bike (or something else) that you'll use and enjoy. No sense having a rare Bottecchia if you're not a collector and/or don't ride it.
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You don't provide enough details, but most likely it's simply a scam. Who is this person? How are they trying? Is it listed? CL?
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Response by poster: Sorry, the guy is a family friend, has been since my childhood and is much older than me. I think he's being kooky and maybe jealous or engaging in some brinkmanship. (He's willing to spend big bucks to get something that has great meaning and personal value to me.)

Thanks for the comments and opinions.
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He's willing to spend big bucks to get something that has great meaning and personal value to me.

In that case, take the cash and then go buy two '84 Bottecchias. Take that!
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I am not an expert on vintage bike-pricing, but $5K sounds like crazytalk. If you think the guy is mostly trying to find your price, have some fun with him. Get him to bid up. Tell him the Internet said it was extremely valuable plus it has great sentimental value to you…

And then, after a suitable period to think it over, say "nah, I just couldn't part with it."
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Take the $5k, fly back to Italy, and go look for another one.
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He's willing to spend big bucks to get something that has great meaning and personal value to me.

If it has great meaning and personal value to you then what does it matter what the bike is worth? Tell him it's not for sale and to stop bringing it up. If he persists just walk away (or don't answer his calls or return his emails or whatever). Or quote him some obscenely high price, like $50,000. Repeat ad nauseum.
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A friend of mine worked out a deal with his parents. He would pack up all their junk and crap in their attic and garage, and put it in a storage locker at his own cost. Anything they wanted back they only needed to ask and he would unpack it and return it to them.

BUT- After a box had been in storage for one year, he could sell it or otherwise get rid of it. He made a lot of money, and they were quite happy to de-clutter their lives.

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